Vasudha Eva Kutumbakom (World Is One Family)


To engage in the holistic development of the individual, family, community, society, and the nation through the contemporaneous application of the eternal values of Sanathana Dharma to the challenges of modernity.


The Sree Rama Dasa Mission has been founded with the purpose of:

  1. Upholding the Sanathana Dharma
  2. Evolving a socio-cultural and financial system based on Sanathana Dharma
  3. Co-ordinating the various religious units towards unity, amity and harmony
  4. Accurate interpretation and popularisation of the cultural and historical heritage of India
  5. Re-assessing and propagating the importance of Vedas and Epics to eliminate their misinterpretation and
  6. Evolving a system of education that combines in it the values of traditional Indian culture and modern scientific approach and technology.