Temple at Chenottukonam

Ashram is a Tapobhoomi (Land of penance and realisation) and is spread over 14 cents of land (1 cent = 40 sq. meter). The fourteen cents symbolise the 14 regions of spiritual existence explained in the Hindu Puranas as 14 Lokas : 7 subtle and 7 gross worlds. It is a Tapo Bhoomi with a temporal span that is quite remarkable. It is blessed with the presence of the Mahasamdhis of two saints who had lived and attained immortality more than one thousand years ago. It has been further sanctified by the 45-year long intense, incessant and penetrating penance of Gurupadar.


Temple Complex at the Ashram comprises:

  • SEETHA–RAMA–ANJANEYA SHRINE(consecrated by Brahmashree Neelakanta Gurupadar)
  • SHAKTHI–GANAPATHY SHRINE(consecrated by Swami Sathyananda Saraswathi Thiruvatikal)