About Services

The ashram regularly conducts numerous social and spiritual activities, with the aim of rejuvenating the society as a whole physically, mentally and spiritually.

Despite the claims by successive governments of a bright and powerful India, we are well aware that the common man is in the same position as before. Poor and needy people abound. They do not have food, water, clothing or houses. They are tortured and tormented by landlords, loan-burdens and divided by different social ideologies.

Those who work among the poor, who have seen them, felt them, who know their needs, troubles, and aspirations alone can understand their condition. These are also God’s children. They too need a safe life and a good education!

Another aspect is the cultural erosion of these poor souls, who do not have any direction in life. Due to trying circumstances, many of them have forgotten God, others blindly keep asking spiritual favors, without the strength of devotion.

It has been our never-tiring endeavour to attempt to rectify these circumstances. The effect is in the form of a slow but sustainable social change, among numerous communities that we have served.

This situation exists in many countries over the world, and we aim to help all of humanity when God makes it possible.

Some of the activities of the Ashram at Ramagiri are enlisted ahead, with numerous others being carried out by various social, cultural and educational institutions owned by or affiliated to the Sree Ramadasa Ashram Universal Society Medical Mission.